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Like all highly intelligent writing, ANCESTORS endeavors to expand your universe and give you a bang-changa-langing good read: ANCESTORS--"The most dangerous book alive." Published by #Ekiniink

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Speech Thomas of Arrested Development on ANCESTORS--"The most dangerous book alive":

"Through allegorical storytelling Atiba astonishingly brings to life a ...tale with epic and ancient subtext."

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 “ANCESTORS deserves to be in the market.”   

—Professor James Small, renown scholar, Freedom Fighter, Lecturer   

“Brilliant! An incredible read!”    

—Amabel McKay, former Past Master of AMORC, NYC Lodge   

“ANCESTORS is an instant classic!”   

—Akh Askari, Freedom Fighter

"Atiba Omar writes like Dean Koontz and John Grisham combined." 

--Bruce Yerman, Attorney at Law   

“I can’t wait for the sequel ! ”    

—Dr. Heidi Anderson Bey, Educator   

“Thanks for writing this book ! ”   

—Palmetto Star (Tee Ford), “The Ratchet Revolutionary," Host of Too Raw for TV   

“This book should be a movie!”   

—Tassili Maat, Owner/Chef Tassili’s Raw Reality   

“ANCESTORS is an engulfing read that takes you through a journey you least expect. Enthralling, suspenseful--with a love story to boot! A liberating journey from the unexpected to the unexpected!”  

—Deborah Brown-Jomo, legendary activist, author and wife of Henry “Sha Sha” Brown, BLA POW  



(Chapter 13)

“Fuckin’ mutant,” I mumble.And justifiably. 

I mean I’m just sitting there sipping coffee, watching the sickly Hudson flow by Riverside Park. Dat all. I wasn’t even noticing the white jogger until she made a show of noticing me. She’d been approaching at a good clip, see, when suddenly she’d done a double-take at the bench upon which my red/black/& green was parked. Since mine was the only ass sitting on the mothafucka I figured it was I who’d made her abruptly slow, swing into an arc, then burst into a sprint for her life.

Ain’t that something?

I mean, my suit wasn’t that crumpled. The racist bitch! Like all black men go to the park for is to lie in wait for bitch white joggers.How dare the fuckin’ mutation react fearfully to me! If anyone had a right to be fearful it was I and my people of her and almost all of her mutant race. For it is written (or should be if it ain’t): 

By Their Cliches Shall Ye Know Them 

Because by their very matter-of-factness cliches reveal what a people are really and truly made of.

And what are the cliches of the bitch jogger’s mutant culture?

Dog eat dog.

The rat race.

Every man for himself.

The end justifies the means.

And what is this shit about The struggle against nature? How could the idea that nature is the enemy be so widespread and commonplace as to become cliche?

For that one, you’ve gotta be a fuckin’ mutant living in a fuckin' mutant culture. No wonder their botanists can pervert the seeds out of an orange and think it a good thing! No wonder their ideal of the future is a space station. No wonder they say they love nature while reveling in a lifestyle that destroys it. 

Then a wonderful thought hit me.

“You look happy.” 

I glanced up at Bakari, whose long, wide presence I’d sensed before he’d spoken.“I just had a lovely thought......”


Q. Is the information, history and science in Ancestors valid?

A. Hell to the yeah. Except where either explicitly or implicitly stated, every dang-blasted iconoclastic word or historical declaration in ANCESTORS is true.

Among the extensive sources ANCESTORS draws from are Cheikh Anta Diop, Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Walter Rodney, The Kybalion, Chinweizu, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Wayne Chandler, WEB Dubois--whole heaps of everybody. In addition innumerable clinical studies and credible cyber sources covering a range of sciences have provided material for this work.

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