The B.L.O.G. (Black Liberation Or Genocide) blog

STATEMENT of PURPOSE or "Even Novels Dream"

By nature or some quirk of fate, i am a writer. But my transcendent reality is that i am a Black man living in a world dominated by white subjugationism (wrongly termed "white supremacy) thus i am by historical necessity an Abolitionist. Indeed, in the Star Trek series, there is an insatiable alien race called The Borg. These utterly merciless creatures go from planet to planet gobbling up every speck of everything that looks like it might have some value. If you submit, The Borg assimilates you. If you resist, they ("Resistance is futile") X  you, your culture and your natural habitat or planet completely out of existence. 

In its historical interactions with other peoples--most especially with the Black race--this monstrously evil and merciless alien character perfectly describes the white race. There is no question that there are untold numbers of decent human being who just happen to be white. 

But exceptions do not disprove the rule.

And the rule that has been established by world experience is quite definite: The white race is the Borg.

So, ANCESTORS' The B.L.O.G. blog is not and cannot be just about ANCESTORS the novel--no more than ANCESTORS is or can be just an artful tale. Indeed, there is not a single breath or act that does not fall on one side or the other of The Scale: since white subjugationism permeates every single moment of human affairs, each gesture or silence or thought any of us engages in either supports or opposes white subjugationism. Since even this possibly one-day legendary blog is not outside of that equation, The B.L.O.G. blog will thus chart the experiences of ANCESTORS the novel in its encounters with the genocidal Matrix--and thereby contribute to making the shared dream of peace and justice a reality. Stay tuned.

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